Tuesday, June 28, 2005

This past weekend and other stuff....

We got back from our marathon-driving mini vacation to Gurnee, Il. My sister lives up there, and she was trying to sell her condo. After about 2 weeks on the market, she found a buyer and that's pretty amazing! The GF got to spend some time around my sister and overall, the experience was alright, they're not completely used to each other yet, but they've no clue how alike they are with each other.

We spent most of the $ buying food and eating them! We had Italian, Chinese, Japanese,American, and vietnamese food. If we had more time, I'm sure we would of had Indian food also! My sister and I can eat!

My dog Ramen, got to spend some quality time with his canine cousin, Woody. Woody is a beagle and quite talkative. There were a few times when Woody got on Ramen's nerves because Woody was being too noisy and spazzy. I don't think Ramen likes other dogs much, he definitely likes humans better!

Listened to a lot of news and talk shows on the XM, driving to and back from Gurnee, and I heard that President Bush will address the nation on the war in Iraq tonight, and I'm interested in hearing what reasons he has for maintaining our force there. While it's true that the war on terror will last for many more years to come, it is time to be more clear and communicative on our goals, worries, and successes. I can understand that the patience of Americans are stretching thin, and frankly, even I sometimes wonder why we are still there and the sacrifices can seem so fruitless at times. Do we really have a good understanding of the Arab countries to make this work? Do the Arabs understand that they've got to help themselves too?

More on this topic later, right now, I'm just trying to wake up and this rain outside is not helping much!

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