Saturday, January 22, 2011

Howdy everyone! Long time no see! Life is progressing on as normally as possible here in the freezing Mid-Atlantic state! I'd really like to find whoever that raised hell about this whole global warming bullshit and slap him/her/them upside the head!

My boy Noah Maxx is growing and healthy, and he's really a joy to be around! I'm not just saying that because I'm his mom! He's funny, curious, sweet, and already becoming a foodie in his young 5 months! Even though we're not quite like "one of these" parents who insists on organic everything, we have been making his baby food from the mega food processor that my sister had purchased for us as a birthday gift, and so far it's working out well!

My job is going on ok, even though I'd frequently fantasize about doing something else, or more or less being around friendlier people. Not that my co-workers are not nice people but either I'm ass-boring, or they are. My career goal for this year is simply to get through this contract year, one day at a time. Please don't get me wrong! I know how lucky I am just to be working and making somewhat of a decent pay, but sometimes that can feel really deceiving when I'm driving in traffic for an hour and a half each way. Maybe one day this situation will get somewhat better.

Oops, the boy is awake now...must go for now!