Thursday, November 30, 2006

Into December

I'm happy to report that we've all suvived the long drives, the bad weather during the commute to my aunt's house, and the gamut of emotions running throughout the household during the holiday/birthday dinners. (We had also celebrated my grandfather's 89th. birthday during thanksgiving break.)

Grandpa looked very relaxed and he even looked like he had gained some weight while staying with my aunt. My aunt flew him to live with her and her family shortly after my grandma's passing, partially because they were planning on doing that (with my grandma if she had not passed away), partially for a change of scenery for grandpa, and lastly, my aunt has a lot of misgivings about how my grandparents were treated by my uncle and aunt, the ones living near them in Houston. Let's just say that every family has problems like mine, of people not getting along with each other and misunderstanding so deep that it almost resembles hate. I guess the way that I deal with it is to live far from my family members, but that doesn't make it go away, you know?

I got to hang out with my cousins, who are all in their teens and one is even about to go into college. Technically, I am the oldest of them at 34 and while I don't feel that old yet, but I do wonder if we'll be able to hang out much more like this from now on. The family usually would get together because of the grandparents, but lately, there has been less and less occasions like this.

My aunt's house was grand, it's a million dollars and it felt like it too! It's a huge house, with huge backyard, 3 car garage, plenty of spaces, big windows, 3 fireplaces, and not to mention this jacuzzi that I almost drowned in! I sort of wish that the GF and I had a house like this! Maybe one of these days....getting comfortable sure can cost a bunch!

The GF went to see her family in Tx. and for the most part, she had a good time with the nephew, who is a lady's man now at the age of 5! I wonder if he'll grow up to be the next Hugh Hefner or something! :-)

I think I miss my family, minus the conflicts.

Sunday, November 19, 2006


I raised my right hand and took my oath and became a 2nd. Lt. in the army reserves, thanks for the accolades, for those of you who might care. It was done in my office, and this retired admiral read my oath to me, and I was a bit nervous but did not feel any tingling due to excitement. I supposed that I would if I was new to this thing, but I've already been in the military for 10 years now. Don't get me wrong, I'm grateful for the opportunies, no matter how much I'd gripe about things.

To celebrate the occasion, the GF and I went to a local pizza parlor, and of the 5-6 people that I've asked to come along, 2 showed up. Friday nights are so bad when it comes to getting people together sometimes, and it helps that we've only been in town for a month and really don't know other people so well. So far, our only friends in town are this young couple that I've met at work, they're in their early 20's and haven't yet settled into the married with kids thing yet. They're nice people and also not from this part of the country, so it's also like we've got this alliance of out of towners.

The GF is flying to Tx. tomorrow for thanksgiving. We've bled out so much $ during the move and the first round of bills that I doubt that both of us could afford to fly back for thanksgiving or christmas. I'm driving to NJ to my aunt's for thanksgiving with the dog and going to celebrate (or try to) my grandfather's 89th. birthday there. It'll be tough because my grandmother's not here anymore and not everyone who is going to be there likes each other. My aunt doesn't like my uncle, her younger brother, both my dad (the oldest) and my aunt don't really respect my uncle. My uncle doesn't like my aunt (the middle one) because she had been treating him like shit, and on top of all that, both my aunt and my uncle think my dad is a total loser, which he kind of is. There will be a lot of evil eyes staring at each other, to which I hear that it's not all that unusual.

I'm ready to be away from here for a little while though. Good or not, at least I'm not here where nothing ever goes on and everyone stays behind closed doors.

Sunday, November 12, 2006

This Veteran's Day weekend

While I salute all the veterans who have sacrificed their lives and also for those who are still serving, I didn't feel like that the holiday is really mine because I didn't have the roughest of all military careers. That is why I don't expect any free grubs or marching in parades....however, I would have liked some belly rubs, because they're free to give and receive! Yet, as I stood outside my front door, no one came by to give me any belly rubs...sigh!

We went to Pittsburgh on Friday, and ate a good dinner at this place at Station Square, a riverfront shopping complex. It took us forever to drive from here to Pittsburgh, due to highway repairs and general unfamiliarity with the general geography of Western Pa. We will make more trips to Pittsburgh and get to know the place eventually. I especially would like to visit the zoo!

It was also GREAT to have slept a few full nights and then some! I'm not the morning type, but I do get up early to do the work stuff. In this town, a lot of people go to bed early and wake up ass early...and I just don't know if I have it in me to do that. This place is such a clash of the corporate environment, the blue collar community that is the backbone of this town, and the so called emerging middle class. Most of the people here keep to themselves because it's so cold here and pleasantry is interpreted as people keeping to themselves.

I'm not sure yet if this place will ever be "home", and I don't mean that in a bad way at's all part of the new experience of new job. God only knows what's down the road!

Thursday, November 02, 2006

The jack

I just don't know how the hell it is possible that while I should be earning more money at the job, I'm actually keeping less because I got bumped to another tax bracket. Just got my first paycheck and they've taken out a good 1/3 of everything! I made more take home pay when I was on active duty in the army.....nope I'm not at the point where I want to go back to active duty....but this just sucks.

Otherwise, the job is going on alright, right here in cubicle city. I still have a lot to learn about how stuff works and hopefully more people to meet. Most of the people there are very serious and I sort of feel like a jokester there, but someone's got to be, right?

Most of the folks in town are kind of old, and they like to stay to themselves. Not that I've never lived in places where people like to keep to themselves, but I guess deep inside I just expected something on the slightly friendlier side when I moved here.

I miss my grandma a lot, and this is the first year that I'll have without her around, and so this will be weird.

The GF is having a bit of a hard time right now getting a gig in phlebotemy, and I hope that it'll change for her soon.

We both need to get ourselves up and moving, get busy and move our duffs around, it'll be good for the winter, generating some much needed body heat!