Thursday, November 30, 2006

Into December

I'm happy to report that we've all suvived the long drives, the bad weather during the commute to my aunt's house, and the gamut of emotions running throughout the household during the holiday/birthday dinners. (We had also celebrated my grandfather's 89th. birthday during thanksgiving break.)

Grandpa looked very relaxed and he even looked like he had gained some weight while staying with my aunt. My aunt flew him to live with her and her family shortly after my grandma's passing, partially because they were planning on doing that (with my grandma if she had not passed away), partially for a change of scenery for grandpa, and lastly, my aunt has a lot of misgivings about how my grandparents were treated by my uncle and aunt, the ones living near them in Houston. Let's just say that every family has problems like mine, of people not getting along with each other and misunderstanding so deep that it almost resembles hate. I guess the way that I deal with it is to live far from my family members, but that doesn't make it go away, you know?

I got to hang out with my cousins, who are all in their teens and one is even about to go into college. Technically, I am the oldest of them at 34 and while I don't feel that old yet, but I do wonder if we'll be able to hang out much more like this from now on. The family usually would get together because of the grandparents, but lately, there has been less and less occasions like this.

My aunt's house was grand, it's a million dollars and it felt like it too! It's a huge house, with huge backyard, 3 car garage, plenty of spaces, big windows, 3 fireplaces, and not to mention this jacuzzi that I almost drowned in! I sort of wish that the GF and I had a house like this! Maybe one of these days....getting comfortable sure can cost a bunch!

The GF went to see her family in Tx. and for the most part, she had a good time with the nephew, who is a lady's man now at the age of 5! I wonder if he'll grow up to be the next Hugh Hefner or something! :-)

I think I miss my family, minus the conflicts.

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