Thursday, June 23, 2005


To get out of the office and prepare for our trip up to Chicagoland to see my sister and her canine son!

My collegue is on the phone, don't know who he's talking to and I don't care. He had let out many a laughs about God knows what and it's beginning to get a bit annoying. There's the kind of laugh that you make because something is really funny, and the kind of laugh you make because you want other people to think that they are funny, not really worth it, as far as I'm concerned. I got radio Vh1 blasting into my headsets, "The Power" by Snap is really good to mute out unwanted noises.

Here's a site for y'all to waste a few minutes of your time over... All Look Same

I will probably not blog until we come back from that part of the Midwest, have a good one for me in the meanwhile!

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Sean from DocintheBox said...

have fun on your trip!!