Monday, June 06, 2005

Sunday tidbits

Got the appearance of the blog changed a bit, and with GF's help, got a photo of my cat little man on the blog in the place where my picture is supposed to be. I think my cat's so much cuter and definitely more photogenic than I'll ever will be!

I'll try and get some more photos for y'all to look at, adding a bit more color to the whole thing. I also updated the blog links because I read different blogs than the ones that I've started reading a while back. Please go and take a look at them, I think they really have a lot of interesting stuff to say!

Things between my GF and I have been stable, I am glad that in her effort to get a job, she has landed some interviews and even though they're still somewhat of an ongoing thing, I am sure that she has been wowing these perspective employers! I think she'll feel somewhat happier once she finds something to do that she likes. At least it's a way to get to know some people and participate in some functions of the society, even if the people don't end up to be friends.

I think I'm also slowly but surely fitting in the schemes of things at work, even though I still feel like that I've got a steep learning curve ahead of me...I think I'm climbing it at this point.

I'm not thinking about Iraq and the people back there as much now. I don't regret the experience at all, but I sure don't want to go back to Iraq under the circumstance that I've first gone to Iraq with! I really hope that what we've done and what we are doing now are going to help the Iraqis out in the long run, but not having enough understanding of the Middle East, its people and their religions were some of our first mistakes. Misunderstanding just breeds more misunderstandings.

Looks like I'll be in uniform for a while longer than I originally planned, hopefully, I'll do it better this time around.

I learned that relationships are some of the hardest things to better and maintain in this world, but if you really want it to work out, it can work out somehow. Alone time is really important too. I would never rip those who are single as losers, I have more problems with those who thinks that by being in a relationship with a man or a woman would resolve all of their problems, if you are not fine with yourself, then how are you going to be fine with someone else?

My grandfather went from the edge of death to now finally able to speak, take small steps with the help of a walker, and even though he's still somewhat weaker than before he got sick, I thank God that he's still around and I look forward to visiting my grandpa soon!

I learned a lot about faithfulness from interacting and taking care of my pets, and I think us human beings have a lot to learn from them.

Sometimes, I'd miss the friends which I had in the past and not so distant past, and not all of them I've kept in touch with or parted in good ways, but I wish them all well and consider myself quite lucky to have known them, and maybe if luck should have it, they'll be back in my life again.

My GF is one of the cutest and the smartest person that I know. We were at the eye glasses store to look for a pair of new glasses for her, and watching her trying on all the different pairs of glasses got me, frankly, quite tickled! (Too bad she's about to be on the rag.) :-(

I learned that biking is a lot less painful than running, except when you crash.

I am not ashamed of my love for bad music, movies, and fashion!!!

Okay, that's about it for now.


Sean from DocintheBox said...

Glad to see that the both of you are doing better! Thanks for the link, would you like one back?

wintermelonsoup said...

Sure thing, doc!

Sean from DocintheBox said...