Sunday, June 05, 2005


To recap, I ran into a friend of mine yesterday when I was finishing off my day at Ft. Fartknocker, I've not seen him for a while now. We've first met (actually, the GF got to know his wife first) in the blogsphere. During my first days working at the Fort, they've been very nice to me, showing me around the vicinity, and letting me hang out with them from time to time. I guess because of all of us being busy with our jobs and perspective lives, we had not all hung out since the GF and I had moved up here. My friend commented on how weird my blog have gotten, and I have been jumping from one topic to the other. It suits me fine though. I stated this blog not neccessarily to influence others or to make a lot of sense. I don't start the day thinking about what I am going to blog about, rather, I just let it flow, non-profound thoughts and all. Maybe one day when we've got kids and they'll read this and see how random mom was.

Anyways,it was good to see him, maybe one day we'll hang out again.

Today, we went to see a Royals baseball game, and we got lucky because we caught a break in this stomy weather that we've been having. It was Royals vs. the Texas Rangers, and even though the pitchers were sucky at times, the Rangers still managed to win, 14 to 9. The baseball stadium was a bit smaller than the ones that I've been to, but it does the job fine. The snacks were quite expensive but overall, I've had a good time. The GF's commentary on the players, their playing styles and the special guests (brought to you by the fellowship of christian athletes) were great additions to being there!

We came back home to this big storm that scared the heck out of the pets, especially the dog. It's finally over now and he's exhausted, laying on the floor.

Time to tuck in and talk to the GF!


John of Argghhh! said...

Heh. We will - but it wasn't the topic skip I was talking about there, soldier!

I like nipples, too. Don't tell me you *missed* the point...?


wintermelonsoup said...

Understood, Sir!