Friday, June 17, 2005

For the weekend....

I can't say that I've had the best day ever today, I went into work and my co-worker and one of my bosses (both of them males) were displaying a kind of pissy mood, I don't work directly under my boss so my interaction with him is minimal, so I couldn't possibly have done something to him. My co-worker, on the other hand, might have been frustrated with me because our supposedly collective project effort is not so collaborative because none of my project submissions have met his approval, or whatever. We sat in the same office all day not saying much to each other. He's kind of a private guy, former Sgt. First Class, and not a bad guy except when it comes to ass-kissing ( a real important skill if you want to make it in this man's army, and then some.). I realize that I might not have been a really experienced soldier and really knowledgeable in intel. matters, but I am trying. I don't want to confront him, it's not personal, but I certainly hope that he'll soften up a bit, because life's just too short to have PMS!

Tomorrow, I am flying back to Texas to see my folks and check to see how they are doing. My grandpa will be discharged from the hospital earlier tomorrow afternoon and will continue his rehabilitation at home. I am really relieved that he's doing so well now. I still worry though, this is like his 2nd. big close call. My grandma is also suffering from alzheimer's, in the early stages but to the point where her medications are beginning not to help her have clear moments. I have no idea what thngs'll be like when/if she no longer recognizes any of us but I do know that I've got to appreciate the times tha she still does recognize and interacts with us.

Dinner tonight was really disappointing, my GF and I wanted some sea food, so we drove about 40 minutes to this place that we've read about on the internet. The place was supposed to be a Cajun seafood restaurant, but with the Cajun element seriously missing. ( no cracks about the Midwest not anywhere near the ocean!) The veggies were soggy, the bread was cold, and the gumbo was too tasteless to even mention! Bad food can really fuck with my perspectives on life, and we've so far had really bad food in the Midwest. My tastebuds are contemplating suicide, the only saving grace is that the GF is cooking better. When I fly back down to Texas, I am going to bring a whole bunch of take-outs back, stored in tuppeware!

Have a good weekend everyone! Will write more when I get back from Texas! (A pretty darn good state!)

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