Thursday, June 02, 2005

Dear Mr. Tom Cruise

Dear Mr. Tom Cruise:
While I cannot say that I am a die-hard fan of yours, I do respect, so far, your body of work overall. After having watched you gush with love for Ms.Katie Holmes on an episode of "Oprah", I have to say that you look like you've lost it.
I'm glad that you seem to have found love with Ms. Holmes, but really, that has got to be the worst acting job ever in the history of film, tv, and theater. I know that your film earnings and popularity might have decreased somewhat after say, like "Jerry McGuire"? I say that who you are going out with and what a romantic you are is just getting way too old. And what is up with your tidbit about giving advice about post partum depression? When was the last time that you've given birth to a baby?
Please, leave the silver screen for a while, do some respectable stage work or something that'll really show how good/bad you are as an actor. Date Miss Holmes, a monkey, a donkey, I don't really care, as long as you are happy and I don't really have to see that bad acting job like you've done on "Oprah".


Someone who's still trying to have a thread of respect for you....

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