Monday, June 20, 2005

I've no hair now!

When I had gotten back to my folks' home late Friday night, grandpa had already returned from a long-stay in the hospital. He had stayed there for almost 3 months, and almost died 2x while he was there, and now is doing some walking with the help of a walker, eating, does not need a breathing tube down his throat now, and way different than when I last saw him. I am really relieved that he's doing better now, I still worry about grandma a bit, she's aware that her mental state is not what it used to be, and it's sad to watch sometimes, but it happens to the best of us, even those without alzheimers.

To let grandpa take a quiet nap, I offered to take grandma to the hair salon to get her a haircut, since grandpa had gotten sick, she had not had any chance to beautify herself in any way. I'd figured tha I could also get a haircut or get my highlight re-touched. Flipping through these Japanses hairstyle magazines (the hair salon is a Chinese owed salon in Southwest section of Houston.), I picked this one hairstyle that essentially looked kind of different on me. I was trying to get the messy look, but since my hair's thick and stiff, the hairdresser had no choice but to layer the heck out of my hair and in the process, lopped off most of my highlighted hair. So I'm back to looking kinda like a boy, with gray highlights, but if you looked at me, with my cleavage and still thinks that I'm a boy,then we've got to talk!! The good thing about this haircut is that I'll stay cooler for the summertime, use less shampoo/conditioner, and no need to blow dry...maybe never have to comb again! (just kidding!)

Grandma, after 3 hours, got a perm that made her look like she had more energy and had more if I had more time, I'd suggest that she get some haircoloring herself. To tell you the truth, her hair did not even start graying much until she was in her mid-70's!

The GF asked me if she looked older now than when I had met her, I don't think she has. Neither of us has ever really looked our age. She told me that I looked like I've gotten older, not counting the graying hair. Having lived around a lot of older folks growing up, it really doesn't alarm me much. I've been really young once and really, once was enough, and as long as I still have enough energy and curiosity about people and the world around me, I don't really care. Everyone gets old, so might as well accept it, you know?


Anonymous said...

Yes, but you looking older than when we met only means that you look maybe 25 instead of 12! It's not like you'll ever look your age :-)

B the PQ

Anonymous said...

Sounds like just the thing for hot summer days!