Saturday, November 27, 2004

Post thanksgiving

We are back from the in-law's, all stuffed with lots of turkey, stuffing, pies,and God knows what. The girlfriend is currently glued to the t.v., and I just got the hint that I was not to talk to her during the encore presentation of "Huff".

The word is that I will get a chance to do TDY (like a military business trip, for me it's a chance to earn a month of pay, plus see the Midwest for the first time in my life.) at Ft. Leavenworth. I'm just waiting on the orders to be cut. I think I'll have to be back in uniforms again, doing some Chinese linguist work, for a change. If it works out, then it may point to a move, but I'm not thinking much past 30 days.

I am very thankful that I am back in the states now, with my girlfriend, families nearby, above all, to be alive and healthy! I am glad that all my families are here and even though we don't all agree on many things, we still care enough to have conflicts over them.

I had started to e-mail some of the folks who were with me in Iraq, I think it's good to have a degree of continuity. I don't picure myself being in any big or small reunions, after all, I wasn't in that kind of group to began with. I don't have many friends, never really did, but I am pretty content with it. I never believed in not being yourself (that ever changing thing called self) just so that you'll become some queen of popularity.

Well, that was on a tangent! However, I hope at least some of y'all know what I was trying to say.


Anonymous said...

Glad you opened up your comments.
Sounds like you had a good turkey day and I hope you enjoy TDY (I am an army brat).

Anonymous said...

Glad you opened up your comments.
Sounds like you had a good turkey day and I hope you enjoy TDY (I am an army brat).

Asher Abrams said...

Great post, glad you had a good Thanksgiving! Good luck on the language gig.

I've always been a bit of a loner myself, but I do enjoy having a circle of close friends. As you get older (especially if you move around a lot, e.g. in the military) I find it's important to have that sense of continuity too.

When I got back to stateside after Desert Storm, the last thing I wanted to do was hang out with the guys I'd just been stuck in the desert with for seven months! But as the years went by, I found I wished I could touch base with them. So when one of the guys in our unit pulled together a reunion a couple of months ago, I was there in a heartbeat. It was a great experience, and we all felt lots better after seeing each other again.

So I understand about wanting to put the past behind you. But don't lose those e-mails and phone numbers!

Elizabeth said...

I don't have many friends either but the ones I do have would bail me out of jail. Quality over quanitity is always better in the friendship department.

It was great meeting you two last night. Good luck in Kansas.