Wednesday, November 24, 2004


We are at the in-laws' house now, and the nephew is running around the living room like a headless chicken. He's really cute and adorable, plus strong-willed! The rain that has been pounding Texas, Mississippi, and Louisiana has finally left and it was good to see blue sky again!

My new tattoo has been peeling and hopefully it would all heal soon, I was beginning to get a kind of worried that all the paint from the tattoo was going to go away!

To Sean from "Doc in the Box", thanks for the compliment and please be safe the second time around! To Scott C. ("The stalker" - his story will be coming up on a later entry) congratulations on becoming a grandpa, at the tender age of 38!

To the girlfriend, the baby will come soon! I realized that if I want to be a grandma so badly, I need to be a mama first!

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