Friday, November 12, 2004

Friday rambling

The weather has finally cooled down in Austin, in fact, it had cooled WAY down! My poor system is not taking this too well, don't get me wrong, I do like the weather cold, but when you have temps in the 80's one day, then 40's the next, my body has a harder time adjusting to it. So I got the throat drop, and Dimetapp going on. Spent the last few days, up until today, helping out with the documentary film project, had one of those awful relationship evenings with the girlfriend, and started the itch to do something else, anything else, go ride a bike, take a run, or a swim.

Trying to get a gig doing translation stuff at this army think tank in Kansas, but since it'll take some finagling between my home reserve unit and Kansas, I say it'll take a while, don't know how long. I need to start earning some dough again. Despite of how many times I've gotten laid off, or couldn't stand some of the people that I had worked with, or disagree with the so called company policy, what I feel will not help pay for the bills. Sure I filed for unemployment, but at this rate, I'l get a better return selling one of my kidneys, and it won't take weeks, or even months to get a check!

Amidst all this weird emotions and restlessness, I still would have to say that I am pretty lucky. I was reading the newspaper, and one of the articles talked about how the city of Mosul (in Iraq), is now almost in total state of disarray. I can only imagine how the bases that we've got over there are being rocketed or mortared at this point. I got out of there shortly before things got out of hand. It also sort of made me wonder what we (our combat group) did up there, aside from doing patrols and looking good for visiting dignitaries.

Oh, well, just kind of need something to look forward to, to keep on keeping on.

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