Tuesday, November 16, 2004

I've finally done it!

I've set up a paypal account, so that I could perhaps get some help in support of my snacking habit. One of my dreams is to get paid to eat, and in return, I will tell you the good, the bad, and the ugly of culinery world!

If any of you want to try out a new dish but just could not out of fear of the exotic, let me know and I will try it out for you, nothing is too extreme. If I can find it here and you are willing to chip in a few dollars, I promise you that I will try it out for you and let you know exactly what you would or would not have missed!

This is also a chance for some of you to buy me a drink from time to time, I've not had too many offers for people buying me drinks, a drink for a returning vet. Partly because I don't flaunt that when I'd go out. In fact, may I make a suggestion that each of you who read this entry, go out and buy a veteran a drink!

I saw the footage of a marine who shot a wounded insurgent in Fallujah, the footage was captured by one of my favorite journalist, Kevin Sites. It's a sad state of affairs, for all that was there in a house. It's easy for those of us who were not there to say that the marine was the one being amoral and beastlike, but you also have to know where he is coming from. That very marine was just shot himself the day before and release back to duty in a day, can you imagine how fired up his nerves were? I don't know whether or not he thought the insurgent booby-trapped himself or he saw something that resembled aggression, I do know that much therapy will be needed for all the troops who were there. I just hope that some of you will think about all this before you reach a conclusion.

I'm damned lucky to be back in the States!

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