Sunday, November 14, 2004

Playing advocate's devil

This friend of ours has a blog on the net for about a year now, and she has been pretty nice to us, letting us stay at her place when we were in her town, and the occasional correspondence.

So a few days ago, I went to read her blog, and noticed this entry that basically said that she was really depressed that Pres. Bush has won 4 more years in the White House. While I can understand the part about Bush trying to get a constitutional amendment going against gay marriage, and how she's opposed to it, I didn't think she's seeing the bigger picture, and how flimsy Kerry and his plans to better the world appeared to be.

So I posted a comment asking her when was the last time that some government man came and snatched her away for not liking the president, or the last time she was denied access to some establishment because she was gay, not to mention that the state of her own economy was looking better than ever. Of course, being evil, I posted my comment under the "anonymous" title. She doesn't know me to be political, of course, I don't think I am political either, I am not a staunch liberal or conservative. I am just anti-bullshit.

I wonder how long it'll take for her to realize that it was I who had left the comment!


Gin said...

Ah, finally. Your comments work! (They were out this afternoon.)

I'd be interested in hearing what your friend has to say in regards to your comment. As a fellow dyke who also happens to be anti-bullshit, I felt very unsteady with Kerry. While I do not see eye to eye with Bush on many obvious issues, I didn't agree with a good portion of Kerry's ideas either. He was definitely promising too much and if push came to shove, I don't know that he would have been able to back any of it up.

wintermelonsoup said...

The reply were as follows:
hhhmmm, well, I don't think that I would lose my personal freedoms like hating the president without fear, under any of the candidates. But, my beliefs much more closely align with the views Kerry's campaign supported. Granted he is not perfect AND he also supported the attack on Saddam. BUT he did not support a constitutional amendment against gay marriage and I liked his ides about health care more than Bush's. I also have little faith in Bush changing the economy for the better over the next 4 years and believed that Kerry could effect a greater change. I am not saying we're all living on the streets, but I do believe that Bush's administration had some negative effects on things like college tuition aid that Kerry would have helped change for the better.

This is the reply to the second comment that I've made: (I am enclosing my second comment first)
I can see your point, but can you or anyone else,for that matter, tell me what Kerry's plans were for bettering the economy, military, granting of gay marriages (he never officially said that he was for gay marriage,in fact,he was against it, if you've watched then second debate.), or scaling down college tuition. I'd probably give him more benefit of a doubt if he described in more details of what his plans of attacks were. He has always said that "...I have a plan....". Well, what were his plans? There are a lot of faults in the Bush administration, but any institution, by nature, is not meant to be perfect. If you look at the history of gay rights, as of not even 15 years ago, most gay were opposed to the gay marriage movement, so obviously, there was not a consitency there.

true, true, you have some good points. I missed the debates, but did hear the same things you are saying... about Kerry being vague.
You know, I never understood the gays who were against gay marriage. :)

Gin said...

Oh no. She missed the debates? Heh. I guess that explains it, then. :)

Did she find out that it was you?

wintermelonsoup said...

If she knows that it was me, she's obviously not letting me know about it, so I'll have to say that she doesn't know yet. Even if she found out that it was me, she'll have a hard time thinking that it wasn't the girlfriend....ah the fine art of being evil!