Monday, November 15, 2004

In training for the holidays!

Now, one of the most pressing concerns that the girlfriend has about me is how I'd eat like I have a bottomless pit! I used to weigh 185-190 lbs. before I went to Iraq, and over there, due to the heat, shitty food served and working out to combat boredom, I got my weight down to around 165 lbs. When I came back, I got nothing but compliments from the girlfriend and the family on the newfound figure, so you'd think that I was going to keep up the "good work", right?

Are they crazy? To deny myself of one of the most exquisite pleasures of life by restricting caloric intake? Have they forgotten that I've missed Thanksgiving, X'mas, and birthdays by being in the Allah-forsaken desert??

So to prepare for Thanksgiving, I've started to eat and drink about 8 times a day, mostly of good and wholesome food like fried chicken, salads, ramen, banana bread, soups, cookies, chocolates, there was nothing that I didn't eat!

Had I gained my weight back yet? Not yet, but it'll probably only be a matter of time. Heck, I love eating and drinking so much that I am even thinking about starting a pay-pal account so that generous folks could help me out with some grocery fees!

So how could I do this when there are so many people in the world starving? Well, let's just say that as a citizen of this planet, I am feeling their pain and doing something about it, the pain, that is!


mattles said...

Iraq is an intersting place, built on the very spot where ancient Mesopotamia used to stand. Facinating.

Gin said...


Glad to see you're getting back into the swing of things. :)