Wednesday, December 01, 2004

In Houston....

Last night, the girlfriend and I went to a bookreading and dinner/snack with Maxine and Elizabeth from Houston, they are also fellow bloggers and were neat to hang out and laugh with. They are also kind of sophisticated because they goto bookreadings, wheras, we tend to goto rodeos, hockey games, and the occasional baseball games. I tend to go through spurts in bookreading, reading a whole bunch at once and then stopping for a while.

I made it to my folks' in Houston in the afternoon, took my dog with me and the ride to Houston was good. The weather was nice, especially when the wind hit the tall grass on the sides of the road, the grass would sway from side to side, very hypnotic.

Too bad the girlfriend has been sick, she's got this combination of allergy/climate change bug that has been attacking her lately. I told her that I'll bring some Chinese remedy to help her feel better, but it might not taste good.

I was im'ing the girlfriend when all of a sudden, 2 people that I knew from Iraq got on, one of them was a supply sgt. from the air force, he was and still is a nice guy, just he couldn't keep steady relationships because he's deployed all the time. The other guy that im'ed me was a guy from my group who also had not much of a luck in relationship lately, his wife hooked up with another guy while he was in Iraq. It was good to hear from them, to know that everyone is still alive and as well as can be, under the circumstances.

Hope everyone is doing alright on this cold night!

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