Wednesday, December 08, 2004

Moo is back!

I went to this seminar for people who are unemployed and supposedly looking for jobs, it was very inspirational, made me want to pound my head against the brick wall endlessly!

The girlfriend and I then did some X'mas shopping, mostly for the kids, her nephew, and one of my friend's baby girl. I got her a polar fleece pullover, corduroy pants, and a nice shirt to go with it. For the nephew, he got turtlenecks, a pair of couduroy pants, and a short-sleeved dress shirt, kids will be styling this winter!

That black and white cat, to which I had named "Moo", has come back to us! She tried to come into the house but Ramen kept on pretending to be the guard dog and drove her away. It was also the funniest thing seeing our other cat Silly and her exchanging not so friendly meows!

If I had my way, I'd have a few more dogs and cats, I'm like that. I think pets make life so much better!

I've also got to start carbo-loading because the nephew will be here for four days starting next Sunday, and at 3 years of age, he's a handful!

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