Sunday, December 19, 2004

Saturday night with Wanda

We went to the Paramount theater, this theater located in downtown Austin, and watched Wanda Syke's live comedy show. It was worth every penny! She covered a lot of subjects in her routine, everything from detachable pussies to politics. Most of the audience were made of gay men, lesbians, middle aged straight couples, and a few African-Americans.

I wonder what she thinks of her fans, and their demographics, I guess she probably doesn't think a lot about them, as long as there are people who support her. My mind, while waiting for her show to start, wondered what would happen if there were klans members, wife-beaters, pediphiles, etc., how would she change her routines?

I like her, she's a natural at what she does, and she seems to be enjoying herself pretty well too! How many people could say that about the jobs that they do?

If you get a chance, go and see her if she hops into your town, you won't regret it!

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