Monday, December 27, 2004

Post X'mas

Happy belated X'mas to everyone! I just came back from visiting the folks in Houston. Got the grandparents, my uncle and his family, my dad, stepmother, and my sister, freshly divorced and starting anew.

Over the 3 days that I was there, I did the typical Asian holiday thing, and that is eat,eat, and eat! Our love of eating is in the blood! We had Peking duck, eaten in 4 ways, Chinese fondue, Northern China cuisine, and Taiwanese food. In between all the eating sessions, we managed to open some gifts, I got mostly bath and skin care products, and I gave away practical gifts like gift certificates, wallets, and timepieces.

I was really glad to get to hang out with my sister for a little bit, this past year has been hard on her, and I hope this new year will start to look better for her and the rest of us.

Went back to the girlfriend and exchanged gifts with her, and I got more bath stuff, candles, some novelty gifts, I like them all! I hope that our financial situation will be more stable so that we can finally began to get what we truly wants,like a new bed, new bike, her car restored....

I am still very grateful that we are all here and healthy,even with all of our issues and baggages.

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