Sunday, December 12, 2004

Ramen's gay adventure

We were being nice yesterday and took Ramen out to the local dog park. The weather was great and it has been a while since Ramen was out and about, running freely with other dogs anyways.

Ramen got there and ran around with other dogs, took dips in the cool stream, and hiked the trail on the other side of the stream. I had to goto that trail and chase him down so he doesn't forget to come back to us.

At one point of our outing, Ramen was followed by this beautiful male dalmation, Ramen, of course, tried to play it cool, until, the dalmation showed what he was really after, to hump Ramen. Ramen, of course, had his particular taste in "special friends", and it just so happened that it wasn't that dalmation that day. So Ramen growled at the dalmation to get his front legs off of him!

We noticed that, in the park, there were a lot of canine gay love affairs going on! It made the girlfirend think that the dog park was basically a gay dog gathering place! funny and cute!

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