Friday, December 03, 2004

Evening entertainment

I am having a semi-bad case of the cold today, and I can't say that I've achieved too much , I did, however, finally get my TDY paperwork faxed off to the right party.

Our dog Ramen is have a attack of the tummy bug, he has been vomiting twice since last night, I fed him a pepto-bismo tablet, and I am hoping that'll do the trick.

It's Friday evening and both of us are sick, so that kind of rules out going out for the evening, seeing a movie, or getting drunk at some seedy bar. I told the girlfriend that I just wanted to have a nice and quiet cold evening at home, with a fire in the fireplace, and that's not something too different from the usual.

Then Ramen wanted to go outside to the small backyard that we've got. I let him out, expecting him to want to come back in in 2 minutes, since he usually does that. About 10 minutes has passed when I started to wonder what had happened to the dog. The girlfriend went back to check, and guess what she had found in the backyard? A black and white cat! She's kind of chubby, but clean looking and very cute, and on top of all that, not afraid of Ramen! (It's usually the other way around, but Ramen is not the big defender dog type either.) We let her in and it has been quite funny to watch her not be afraid of Ramen! I will include a picture of her on this blog soon....and I think I will call her "Moo"! When you see the photo, you'll know why!

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