Monday, December 06, 2004

We had a social life....for tonight anyways.

I'm listening to web radio and typing this, it's great! The girlfriend and I just came back from dinner at Lisa's house (the filmmaker), celebrating Murray's (our friendly Canadian filmmaker friend) 45th. birthday. One of the ladies from Habitat for Humanity who was working with them were there with her partner, and one of Lisa and her man's friend (not a filmmaker, I don't really know what she does) was there too. I think we were the youngest people there, and I think we'd better appreciate that while it lasts. I think the time that I has spent in Iraq was pretty much the only time that I remember to which I had spent with a group of people who are younger than me.

We had really good food there, Lisa's special roast, real mashed potatoes, beans, salad, and baby carrots. Most of the dinner time converstations were about who knows who, who sued who, who built whose houses (Lisa's man is a house builder), and Willy Nelson and how he's an icon now. Most of the time I was a bit quiet because I've never built, or owned houses, and never even had a celebrity sighting.

One by one the guests left Lisa's house, so Murray, Lisa, Lisa's man, and the girlfriend stood around and chatted about a bit of everything. It was a neat and lively evening, and a vision of what it would be like to have friends who are actually at that settled stage in life (whatever that means). We hope to see them really soon again!

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Gin said...

I'm jealous. : )