Monday, August 21, 2006

Rest in peace, Lucky dog

Lucky is this black lab mix that my uncle and his family had for the past 5 or so years, they got him after they got robbed. They adopted him from the local animal shelter and kept him sort of as a guard dog.

Unfortunately, while my uncle and his family did not abuse Lucky, they did keep Lucky on a leash in their backyard most of the time. As their kids grew up, less and less time were devoted to Lucky.

Lucky eventually learned to get out of his leash and run around the neighborhood, and he also ran to my grandparents' house a lot, where he knew that my grandmother would give him treats. The last time I saw and petted him, he showed up after my grandmother's funeral, and he sat in front of the garage door of my grandparents' house, waiting for us to open the door for him. He looked as sad as I felt at that time. I gave him some water and he sat by me in the backyard while I petted him.

Yesterday, as the whole family prepared to attend church, my aunt chained him inside the house with a metal leash instead of a leather or a fabric leash. Lucky tried to escape by jumping out of a window that I guess was partially open. He choked himself to death on his metal leash, and by the time that my uncle had returned him, Lucky's body was already stiff.

I don't know what's going on, but there are some morbid stuff going on in Houston, where my family's living. First was my grandmother's death, now Lucky, and I hope to God that there's no more deaths for a long time! I'm really sad about Lucky's death, and I hope that he's already by my grandmother's side as her pet in heaven.

Rest in peace, Lucky dog, may you never be chained up again!


Phidoux said...

:( I am soo sorrty to hear about that. YOu're BOUND to be nearing the end of your run of bad news. Here's a little thoughtform that I keep in my head most days:

'If you're handed it - you can handle it.'

Thanks again for my lava!


Anonymous said...

This is the saddest thing I've read all week.

Out of interest, here we have a dog shelter that doesn't euthanase, won't give dogs to people who leave them outside etc.