Thursday, August 24, 2006

Bye bye Japan!

Yes, finally, your truly is about to depart Japan tomorrow afternoon and embark on whatever that's next.

I was not able to say goodbye to everyone that I knew here, but via the power of electronic communications, I hope that task was sufficiently accomplished. This has been the one of the worst military duty experience that I've ever had, but the $ made helped to make this whole thing a bit better.

I don't think I want to travel extensively abroad for a while for now. I need to be with the GF, the pets, my grandfather, my sister, and go visit my grandmother at her gravesite. Even though I have no idea what is coming up next, where I'll be working, and where we'll be living at, I'm not that worried because I know that will not help with things. I hope that things will eventually work out.

I wish for the best of all the soldiers here at the bullshit battalion, I hope they will not have to struggle with a lost and spineless leadership system for too much longer. May each of them find their calling and bliss like we all should be doing. To the nice Japanese folks that I've been associating with, "arigato"!

I'll post some photos from my trip when I come back and will have captions on them, so stay tuned!

Japan is a good place to visit and try new foods, but if you are not into small places and all things expensive, then maybe a visit is all that's really neccessary.

Here's to a safe flight, and a big sayonara!

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