Wednesday, August 16, 2006

One of the ultimate bad lucks

I was reading news articles about the Stryker Brigades today, when I noticed that some of the formerly deployed soliders from Alaska have been recalled to active duty, some after they have returned home, and others found out when they were waiting for their states-bound plane from Kuwait.

The article is here is you want to read it.

I was thinking back about my deployment, and how our group almost could not get out of Kuwait because our less than brilliant commander forgot to sign us out of Iraq. Nevertheless, we still managed to get back to the states and promptly got our luggages and gear about 3 weeks after we should have already gotten back to our homes. It was sadly comical, but thank God all of us got back in one piece and healthy, at least physically!

The return to the states is getting closer, and I cannot wait! God forbid if they should extend my order here!!

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