Tuesday, August 08, 2006

Cool Monday evening

After about a week's of 95 degree plus weather, it finally rained today and the temperature got down to about 77 degrees. It was the kind of rain that didn't come down very hard, and there was even a breeze!

Tomorrow is the Chinese father's day, and I'd like to wish my grandfather as happy of a father's day as can be. They say that the loss of of a loved one is felt most acutely when holidays or birthdays come around.

I finally got net hookup in my room, and stupid ole me could have gotten the connection when I first came here, but it's my fault that I didn't try hard enough to try to find a net provider. I downloaded Skype and now I can talk for FREE to the GF and the family back in Texas... technology is simply grand!

I went through the first step of getting out of this small military post in Japan by getting a full physical. It's required so the army will not be liable for any illnesses that happens after us reservists leave an active duty tour. So to get constant military provided healthcare, basically someone like myself would have to be on constant active duty. Not me though, the beauty of being a weekend warrior is that I could be on active duty as I'd like, unless I'm called up to war again. I do sort of long for a more normal life though, whatever that might mean.

I can't wait to fly back home, even if I don't really know what is coming later. Really looking forward to peting the pets, wearing things which are not uniforms, being a housewife, havinge a mini-me, and just basically not really looking back.

A shoutout to Jeff at Phidoux, I've got your Mt. Fuji rocks and photos, and I'll be sending the rocks to you soon, but you might have to wait for a bit for the photos. I've got another shoutout to my grandma in heaven, I hope that she's having a blast in the company of God, her family from back in Mainland China (most of them had passed on before she did), and a bunch of friends as they party up there. ( I hope they're are!)

To the GF, I miss you!

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