Thursday, August 10, 2006

A few thing to say....

To the terrorists who are trying to blow up everything and everyone: Cut the crap, if you think that your rewards are 77 virgins, you're in for some shocks!

To the government workers who got their jobs because they've married someone important or was once has-beens: You're slowing down progress.

To domestic based airlines: Keep trying...

To the battalion/brigade who are keeping me here in Japan right now: I am getting on that flight home, and you can't stop me.

To Doritos chips: I love you!

To the major news channels: I don't really want to know how to make a bomb from hair gels or breast milk, so spare me the details.

To Floyd Landis: I believe ya!

To my sister: Good luck with the business lunch, I hope good things will happen to you in Texas!

To the GF: Love and miss ya!

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