Wednesday, May 04, 2005

what's going on....

We've been living in this part of the Great Midwest for almost a month now, and both of us are trying not to feel like that we've moved into a complete cultural vacuum. It seems like you've basically got to drive 30+ minutes to get to anywhere. There seem to be a lack of available jobs, culture, ethnic eateries, and everything just seems to be really free-floating.

I've been trying to do some cycling, and for what little social interaction it offers, it's just another way to really try and enjoy the sceneries, you know, lots of rolling hills and farmlands. Working on a military post means that you get to enjoy certain amenities such as the gym and the swimming pool, but as I get to do these things, I feel more or less like I am on auto-pilot, these people really do keep to themselves.

One would think that by moving to a place where nothing is happening, one would be more apt to read more, write more, or even develop a new skill right? So far, that hasn't been the case, I'm ashamed to say. My dog is, however, getting more time spent with nature, I call it "grass time", it's better for the poopy! The cats are getting by, but I'm sure that they'd be so much happier to get back outside and play!

So we'll just have to keep on keeping on....because there just isn't much left to do....

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