Wednesday, May 18, 2005


I'm reporting in sick today, what began as a minor cold blossomed into something more. I feel all stopped up and my head feels 4 feet thick. I hope lots of water, soup and rest will do the trick to getting better!

It has been a pretty quiet day so far. The GF went to wal-mart and got some stuff so we could eat. The pets have been napping on and off all day long. I read some stuff online when the GF referred me to this site called "Trying to Grok", feel free to google the site! The author of the blog is a military wife, and she started to blog when her husband got deployed to Iraq and has been blogging ever since.

Her particular entry today was about how she has been so enriched by living as a military wife, in a military community, surrounded by military people. She mentioned a particular instance when she and her husband went on a cruise, and when she mentioned that they're from Missouri but now living in Germany because of the military, the rest of the people at the table got silent, almost uncomfortable and just stayed away from questions about what it was like in Iraq/Germany.

I'm glad that Mrs. Grok has found her niche, but I also thought that she had gone a bit too far. Perhaps some of the people on that cruise were uncomfortable talking about war, maybe they are opposed to it, or maybe the civilian and the military lifestyles are just so far apart that they didn't know what to ask. Sometimes when I read her blog, she seemed so gung-ho I thought she should have been the one who joined the army.

I think we all live with a degree of illusions about our lives, and you've got to draw a line somewhere. Let's be real here, military life may be great for some people, but it's stifling for others. Just because you had opted not to join the military, or have decided to get out after serving for awhile, doesn't mean that you are less patriotic than lifers.

Now back to nursing the cold!

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