Tuesday, May 10, 2005

Tues. morning

My satellite radio has been acting up lately, not getting much reception, don't know whether or not it has something to do with the wiring or the antenna, or the satellite that transmits the signals is about to go bad.

It has been a very trying past couople of days, I think the GF's faith in the future and us level is at a all time low. She said that I've pretty much checked out on the relationship two years ago...right around the time that I got deployed. I don't want the relationship to go out like that, but if being together is going to feel worse than being along, then what is the sense in that? She doesn't think that I try and has always put myself first in the relationship, and I really hope that I wasn't really like that.

I'm not trying to make exucses about how hard it was being deployed and everything, I tried and adapted somewhat, I had to try and make the best of the situation,even though the process of it had been not the best.

I don't know how but I hope things would somehow improve between us, I really hope so.

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