Friday, May 20, 2005

Random brain stuff

From the GF (this is the sh*t!):

The anti-commercials: Sprint guy and the Verizon guy, duking it out.

Jerrod from Subway shows us how he really lost all that
weight. (C'mon, no one can eat one type of food ALL THE
TIME without barfing it all up!)

Sarah Jessica Parker fighting Joss Stone because she wanted
her old job at The Gap back. (Imagine the screams from Joss!)

Rick Springfield finally confesses that he wished that he WAS
Jessie's girl.

Pornographic milk ad. (Think, "Milk, where's your mustache?")

Following the GAP ad. tradition, Jamie Lee Curtis cuts
Catherine Zeta-Jones to get her job at T-Mobile back.

Chinese breakfast: rice gruel, fried peanuts with a bit of salt, pickled cucumbers, smoked fish, or sardines, pork meat shreds, stinky tofu, cold tofu with soy sauce and thousand year old eggs, and soy milk, in both salty and sweet kind. (cold or hot, it doesn't matter....mmmmm.....!

That's about it for now...

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