Saturday, May 07, 2005

Happy Friday

It has been kind of quiet at work today, since it's Friday, no one's mind was really at work, and some have even taken the day off or left work early. The people who are there tried to stay somewhat focused by taking frequent smoke or coffee breaks. In a place to which not much goes on, I wonder what people are so anxious about when it comes to Fridays. I mean, do they go and gorge themselves on bad movies on DVD and food? Or do they go home and have marathon sex?

The GF went to play poker earlier in the day but quickly got out because today wasn't a good poker day for her. She was really disappointed. I think I disappointed her even more when we went bike riding and I left her behind when she got tired. We went riding on some back country road near where we live at, and I have to admit the hills kicked my butt too, almost crashed 2x. I didn't mean to, but lately I don't think I've done a lot of stuff that has impressed her lately.

Been having a lot of strange dreams,not all of which I remember, but I do know that they were strange, and it puzzles me somewhat as to why I'm having these dreams.

It's a quiet night,after the bike ride,none of us really wanted to do or say much. Maybe things will perk up more tomorrow. Off to bed now.

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