Monday, May 16, 2005

Lovely weekend

Got words last night that my grandpa, after having made some improvement, was put back to intensive care unit for a high fever, probably due to bladder infection, and dangerously low blood pressure levels. As much as I am not ready or don't want it to happen, the end may be closer for my grandfather than ever. I also noticed that I've been closing in because of my worries for him, my grandma, who's in the throes of alzheimer's, and also work, I'm working with a whole bunch of really smart people, and to turn out quality products in short amount of time can be a bit trying.

So, if someone from home says the word, I'll be flying back home to try and see grandpa. I really hope he'll pull through again, but I also do realize that he is really old and tired.

The GF and I tried to take it easy this weekend, slept late yesterday and today. Went for a little bike ride, eat at a local pub, went to the zoo, and ate well. The weather was just great! It was just a bit on the cool side but at least it was sunny and pleasant. The zoo in Kansas City was okay, but there were not a lot of varieties of animals there, maybe they're having budgeting problems.

It wasn't all a loss at the zoo though, we were looking at the lions exhibit and we saw two lions getting it on!!!! Goto the photopage and check the pictures out. It was like watching animal porn! I thought that funniest part was the fact that there were lots of kids, toddler age, there and they didn't really know what was going on. I thought that the parents found the act amusing but were kind of stuck on answers for their kids. I heard one parent tell their kid, "They are hugging." I laughed so hard that I think some tears came out!

Every weekend should be this good, minus the bad news....


Anonymous said...

I'm so sorry to hear that your Grandfather is back in the hospital. We will be keeping him in our thoughts and prayers. Dawn

Ragdoll said...

I'm sorry to hear about your grandfather. You guys are in my thoughts.