Sunday, January 09, 2005

What a weekend it has been!

I finally got the pleasure of meeting Beth, John, their son Andy and all of their 8 cats/3 dogs! They picked me up from post, then we all went to the local outback steakhouse and had ourselves some great drinks and food, it was a really friendly place, because they knew all the waitstaff. I thought about that show "Cheers", that was the place where everyone knows your name!

All of the Donovans were very warm and friendly, and there was no shortage of conversation topics. John talked about some of the zany experiences from his army days, and I nearly died and gone to heaven when I met their many pets, all of them were not apprehensive of me, and I just happened to be in need of some fur therapy, which they were more than happy to provide!

I have to say also that their son was truly a nice kid, the kind that I'd like to have when we do have kids. He's smart, nice, and very understanding of people and things. His level of maturity rivals even some of the oldest adults that I know!

I look forward to have the girlfriend to finally meet them next week, I really think that it'll renew her faith in mankind, because nice people still do exist!

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