Wednesday, January 05, 2005

Inclement weather

It's only like my second work day in Kansas, and already, I've sat about about a whole day because of base closure due to icy/snowy conditions. Very interesting, I feel like I'm still on unemployment, except I'm now up before 7 AM.

I'm having a wee bit of trouble getting to sleep on time at night, could be just that my brain is trying to get used to the new environment, or I'm addicted to late night tv, especially these true crime enactment shows. I think I am missing my nightly snuggles with the girlfriend and the cat!

Since I don't have on post meal priveleges, I went to the commissary with the office admin. guy, and it was kind of like looking at some ransacked food warehouse. A lot of the families, fearing that they'll get trapped indoors for a while because of weather, emptied several shelves of comfort foods, fruit, tea, coffee, etc. Thank God for the high speed internet in this barrack!

My brief first impression of the folk I'll be working for has been positive so far. They're a bunch of analysts for various regions of the world, they do research, give talks at these conferences as well as attend conferences to hear other analysts talk. There was a mixture of military brass and civilians, most of them seem to be pretty easy going. Leavenworth is a army training post, where colonels who wanted to be generals come to take their leadership courses, and it's also where they lock up soldiers who have fallen from some kind of grace.

I'll update more as I slowly but surely get to know this place! Hope all of you are keeping warm!

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