Wednesday, January 12, 2005

So far....

Well, I've been working for about a week now at Leavenworth, and I am think that this post is kind of like this dwindling Western town, there are not that many people here, and maybe due to the weather or whatever, a lot of people walk with their heads down. Everyone just kind of keeps to themselves. There is no dining facility here, maybe they had deployed all the cooks to Iraq and Afghanistan already.

Each day, I'd get up around 6, get to work by 8, so far, I've been translating "trade journals" about military stuff from Chinese into English. I interact with my collegue by having light hearted conversations, and cross reference each other on our Chinese. I've got my own desk and desktop, and there is no one breathing down your neck, micromanaging least no so far. Around noon, I'd grab a quick lunch, and then between all the articles and how many keystrokes a minute, it's 5 PM, and it's time to go back to my temporary abode.

I do try and go hit their gym, this really old and really basic looking place, get my heartrate up for about an hour, then I stumble back, shower, eat, watch some t.v. or read, and then hit the sack.

I can't wait until the girlfriend comes up to see me for the weekend! I've been missing her company, and a few other things that comes with her company! (hehehehehe...) We are going to try and see Kansas City, and visit with John and Beth.

We are also going to have to talk about whether or not this great Midwest is the place where we want to move to or not.

I'm getting by, I like the fact that I am the only female linguist working there!

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