Tuesday, January 18, 2005

The latest....

I am finally a NCO (Non-Commissioned Officer), I thought that it would never happen!

Had a great time (in the best and the worst sense of the words) while the GF was here, we spent some time with Beth and John, who graciously took us around the KC area, shared some great bbq, their home, premium coffee, and of course, lots of fur therapy! (That made me miss my Ramen all but more!)

We got our feet wet at Harrah's in KC, and an indicator that the new year is finally upon us was the fact that we've actually won! (Not huge wins, but it was enough to cover some expenses.) Plus, I successfully navigated for the GF, and that's not something that I'm normally good at!)

I had to return my rental car, since the gov't will only pay for 2 weeks worth. Barring bad weather, I'm actually looking forward to getting some quality walking done in lovely Kansas!

By the way, the sun is finally out again, it's good to see the blue sky once again!


Ace Pryhill said...

Fantastic! Congratulations Sarge!

John of Argghhh! said...

What? I hadda read here that you got your stripes?

Yer ass is grass, Sergeant. Ya don't dis field grades that way!

Congratulations, now report for an ass-chewing!

Anonymous said...

Congrats on all accounts! -- Ragdoll