Thursday, June 21, 2007

So far....

First of all, a big shout out to Jeff and Eric for sending us the lovely leaf shaped ornament, "Kafka on The Beach", a bar of the most natural and great smelling soap, a copy of their local gay newspaper, and two great CD's that Jeff had made for yours truly....thank you guys very much!

Life has been good so far, I'm learning more at work, and the GF is doing great at her work. I've visited the baby doctor and we're thinking about perhaps adding to the brood of two humans, one canine, and two felines......all of us feels like we need a new playmate! I'll update on how that's not as easy as it was originally perceived...especially with someone as forgetful as I am! (Timing of the cycles, taking temps...etc.) If that doesn't happen? That's okay too...we'll be like Brangelina....only not as many kids...we can't afford all of them!

This job that I had said no to a while back has come back to stalk me. The project manager of that job practically begged me to take the job for 5 grands more than the previous offer....and it's really tempting because I've never been offered that much money before. I haven't made a final decision yet, but I think more than likely that I'll stay at my current job because I can make a living (even though I'm the lowest paid person there, but I'm also the least experienced person there.), and I am learning new things, even if they're not the most interesting things, but I'm better off for having the skills. I know.....I can just hear others tell me (and some of them have) about how stupid I am to reject all that $!

More later!

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