Monday, June 04, 2007

My achy breaky back

A minor detail about me, and that is that I've got a case of the arthritis, actually, the osteoarthritis of the lower back. It was diagnosed about a year ago and it was supposedly the result of an old injury from when I was a toddler, it just took about 30 some odd years to manifest itself.
My back would hurt big time every few months, and this past weekend was such occasion. Not being a fan of painkillers, I used heat, icy hot, and limited my activities so that it wouldn't get worse.
Tried to find a good chiropractor, just any doctor that would be good at taking care of this, and I think I finally succeed today by looking up this directory of chiropractors in town, the good part about this particular search was that there were ratings from patients. Found this place that was about 15 minutes away from my work and my first treatment was a good...rather a good start to many more treatments to come. My back is so messed up that I'll have to start treatments all over again, that includes doing exercises aside from the basic stretches so the joints don't freeze up.
Yes, I'm not 20 anymore, but you don't usually hear about 30 something year olds getting arthritis. While I am glad that I'm fairly healthy, I do know that it's time to try to be better to the body and mind.
The GF is becoming more physical now with her new job, and I know that both of us have a long way to be able to keep up and not be in nursing homes in our 50's!

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