Wednesday, June 13, 2007

Small update

My grandpa has travelled up to New Jersey to stay with my aunt and her clan for a while. We have no idea how long he'll stay over there, but it was certain that he just wasn't as happy living in Houston now that grandma's no longer around. I hope that he'll be more active and occupied instead of feeling bored and hopeless.
My sister is traveling to Europe for a little R&R. She has worked pretty hard in chef school and I hope that she'll have a great time there!
My work is going okay, sometimes the pace is faster than the other days. There are much interplays of personalities going on, not all of which end up with good feelings for everyone involved. That is the office environment.
The GF's work is going well, she's doing really well and she's trying to navigate herself between some really undedicated fellow workers.
On the way back from work today, I received a call from a friend of mine who was on active duty with me in Japan. He has been struggling to find a job ever since he had gotten back from Japan. The problem is not that he doesn't qualify for a lot of the jobs that he had applied for, the problem really comes from the fact that he wanted these military or federal jobs that takes a lot of breaking through red tapes, and such. I feel for him! I guess I really got lucky with this job, it's not the dream job, but you know what? I don't miss not knowing where my next paycheck is coming from.
More as events, or thoughts warrant.

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