Saturday, June 09, 2007

A little rant

To the three biggest non-actors of "Ocean's 13", it takes a lot more than just pretty faces and flimsy scripts .... you guys are just getting so old and boring.... lacking in depth or acting skills.

Mr. Sharpton, I don't give a flying flip about what you're saying about anything in general, if anyone is a racist and a bigot, it's you.

Mr.Bono, if I was the Prime Minister of Canada, I wouldn't want to consult with you either.

You were okay with U2, but now your band has depleted itself of originality and creativity. If you care so much about global debt forgiveness, how about letting go of some of your millions? You know, practice what you preach?

Get over it, please! Just sit your rich butt in jail for 23 more days and go back to your simple life. I am so sick of seeing you on headline news, fox, abc, etc.!

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