Saturday, June 03, 2006

Japan, week 2

I've settled in just a bit more here in Japan, the highlight of the week was when the air conditioning finally got turned on in the barracks that I live in! Summer is coming on fast here, and I take whatever comfort that they can hand over to me!

For the amount of exercise that I've been doing, I've not lost an single ounce! A bit bummed about that but otherwise alright.

The people here really tend to stay to themselves, but some are friendly if you seek them out. The key is to know when they're not feeling social.

Speaking of social, I've got a loaned t.v. in my room now, as well as a dvd player courtesy of some nice people in the army unit that I now am attached to. This unit attachment thing is like being a foster child at a foster parent's place.

Miss the GF and the kids immensely. Even though I've only been here for two weeks, it really felt like I've already been here for two months!

Went to an amusement park situated near Mt. Fuji called the Fujikue Highland. It was like a smaller version of Six Flag theme parks. It was fun getting out of this military post and getting to hang out with some of the other soldiers here. I don't know if activities like that happens often, but it can be kind of fun if you go with the right people.

Had my first sushi meal yesterday, my army bosses took me out to one of the local sushi restaurants and I had about 7 small dishes of different things. The neat thing about fresh sushi is that they don't taste or even small fishy at all, and the full feeling that you get is not an uncomfortable one.

I'm now blgging once a week because the computer at work doesn't allow me to do much else aside from work and e-mail, but I will try to update as much as I can in my weekly posting.

Sorry if I don't yet have a lot of adventures to report, but I assure you that if I do, I will do my best to post them!

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