Friday, May 26, 2006

What else can I say?...

But that the GF is definitely right about Japan! She's getting way too underpaid for her golden advises to me!

I was talking with her this morning about how messed up the situation is with how active duty is when it came to dealing with their "temps", yes, people like myself. It's just another long story that illustrates how the military reserve system is falling apart. I do believe that this is going to be my last active duty tour, if I can help it, you know?

I just wanted to make a halfway decent living, taking on this tour. It's not quite what I've expected. There are some really nice people here who have helped me out by taking me to places, and I am trying to go out and see things more, I just can't go out and see things as much because everything is so expensive in Japan.

Yesterday, I went to the supposedly better commissary on this neighboring military housing area, and it was still kind of sad. There are limited supplies of just about everything, and don't even get me started on the produce section! I can just envision myself walking into one of these "real" grocery stores in the States and bursting into tears from the sight of it all!

This s a long weekend for me, due to Memorial day. It started last night with me watching "Deal or No Deal" on the AFN channel (that's all you've got when you're stationed abroad.) while eating a t.v. dinner when I heard this woman scream! I thought that it was part of the t.v. show, then I realized that there were people having sex in the barracks, and that woman was a screamer. There is life in the barracks after all! Most people just tend to stay to themselves around here. It was kind of funny, desperate times, desperate settings.

The moral of the story is, that I will always listen to the GF from now on, because she's just about always right!

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