Monday, May 01, 2006

Getting back in touch

I just finished talking to one of my college roommates, after about 10 years of not seeing each other, and 5 years between our last phone call to each other. She's now a mother of 3 kids, mother and housewife extraordinary.

I've pretty much lost touch with the majority of the people I knew from high school and college. Even though I'm not the most nostalgic person that I know, I do try not to go to websites like, so I wouldn't feel old and ask myself that question of "where did all that time go"? Most importantly, "what have I done with myself"?

Now, Em and I got along really well from the start, she was from the St. Louis area, and I was from the East Coast. Our shared dorm room was a royal mess, but at least we knew where everything was! She met Andy and they started dating, then got married while I was in basic training.

Em and I kept sporadic communications between each other. Her kids came along and I hopped from one job to another, then Iraq, and now Kansas City. About a week ago, I got a e-mail from her announcing the birth of her third child! I thought that was a good time to get back in touch, I mean, it has been 10 years!

I was really glad to have talked to her, with the sound of screaming kids in the background. It's true that we've all aged some since we've last met, but it's good that we are still who we were back in college, to a degree.

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