Saturday, June 17, 2006

The biggest place I've ever seen in Japan

Yesterday I took the simple yet convuluted Japanese train to their Chinatown in the city of Yokohoma. The plan was to meet up with someone from the unit that I am working at and then we'll go around Chinatown, but because of some really bad direction, it took me forever to get there. (at least I got there, right?)

When I finally met up with my co-tourist in the gigantic train station (most of Japanese train stations have these shopping malls in them so the commuters can shop after they get off of work.), he lost motivation to go further because it was approaching rush hour (even though it was Saturday, most Japanese people work 6 days a week.). So we took another train to this city called Ebina.

That's where I saw the biggest place that I've ever seen in Japan. The Vinawalk Shopping center. It's acres and acres of shopping and food court, followed by 3 floors of arcade and movie theaters. I think Japan will continue to face land shortages for their people with more shopping complexes like this. I had a feeling that I was in Colorado as I looked outside of the mega-mall, it was surrounded by mountains. Even though I know that Japan is 80% mountaineous, it's still sort of surreal to see all these mountains. I wonder if anyone live on them, and how much thinner the air is up there.

Ended the evening by having some nasty Japanese food. When I said nasty I meant a fusion of Japanese and American styled food. Why would you put mayonnaise on fries? (The Japanese LOVES mayonnaise, they'll put in on just about everything.) I'm paying for that now still, even into the next morning.

On the bright side, I'll get to see my GF soon! She'll spend a week with me where we'll visit Tokyo and I'll hide her in the barracks so we can snuggle up and stuff! ;-)

After she leaves, it'll mark the halfway mark of my time in Japan. I can't wait to go home! Hopefully get a semi-real job, and concentrate on the task of moving and spawning!

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