Sunday, February 14, 2010

Happy Valentine's Day!

Happy Valentines to everyone! Especially to my wonderful GF! We've been together now for almost 11 years, and in those 11 years, we've adopted a dog and a kitten, I've been to war (and had her worried to death.), both of us worked what seems like countless jobs to make ends meet, roughing through the various bullshits of life (right now, it's the army.), moved from Texas to Kansas City, then to Pennsylvania, and now in the D.C. area. I give her a lot of credit with sticking with me through everything, and being the my spare brain, and my true home!

I am so glad that in about 5 months we will finally welcome our little Pinhead! Both of us had wanted to be parents for a while now, and finally that is becoming a reality! I know that the GF will be the bestest co-mom ever! She had thought out about how to bring up Pinhead from the kind of books that we'll read to Pinhead, music for him/her to listen to, down to what we'll tell him/her about why we didn't save for his/her college education (we'll have a psychotherapy fund instead.)!

Thank you for putting up with my seemingly selective hearing, my not so best ability to communicate, and all these other bad habits/traits! I love you and cannot imagine a life without you!

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Beth said...

Well, life would be horrible without my snuggle bunny!!