Monday, February 08, 2010

Snowed in

Hi folks! As some if not all of you may know, the great snowstorm of 2010 has paid a visit to those of us who live in the D.C. Metro area! I did not intend to but ended up (so far) taking Friday off (when the snow storm started.), my work location was then closed to all employees for today (Monday), as well as tomorrow (Tuesday).

Being a contractor, I'll pretty much will have to make up for the work hour missed, and that's going to suck. I've only got a very limited amount of work that I can do

We got a one of those fetal heart monitors in the mail, ordered it from, and we didn't get the most expensive model (as they're the most sensitive at picking up heartbeats.). Tried for almost 2 days to detect Pinhead's (that's what we're calling the baby before we know the gender.) heart beat. The GF was very patient was finally she was able to find hear it was the neatest thing in the world!

We won't be able to find out about the baby's gender until early next month....and I can't wait! I don't really care about whether or not Pinhead's a girl or a boy, I'd just like for Pinhead to be a healthy and happy baby!

So once again we've had a pretty hazy and lazy weekend, with the exception of the GF and I (she did most of the work.) shoveling snow. We finally were able to go out today and get some chick fil-a, and restock some of our groceries (nothing big, just milk, and some frozen foods.). It sure was nice to see the sunlight again....however short of a duration it was!

Forecast called for more snow this rate I have no idea how long the offices will remain closed!

Nevertheless, I'm taking all the lazy times that I can get, once Pinhead gets here, no more lazy time for the next 18+ years!

Stay warm, everyone!

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