Saturday, October 27, 2007

Well, there was a job proposition that I had received a few months ago for a lot more $. Uncertainty about the company and the nature of the work involved prompted me to say no to them.

Now to the present, I am feeling a kind of sick and depressed about my job....everyone from my company that works on site is contemplating going somewhere else to work. About a week ago, that same company approached me again, offering me that same job for that same amount of money.

Needless to say, I am very tempted. I also don't want to get screwed by being naive about this. So next week, I'm going to meet with one of their managers, along with a friend of mine, to see if they're full of shit or are they at least halfway sincere.

Next week is also the week that I'll be flying to my reserve unit's headquarter for this leadership conference. Which is kind of funny and sad to me at the same time. My unit is so new, unbalanced, and almost kind of broken because no one really knows what roles they're playing and how to do their jobs. I've got this guy in my platoon who is supposed to help me out in managing the troops but so far has been nothing but a whiner about every little thing. I don't have enough rank to move him or fire that will be really interesting. Wish me luck because I really don't deal with that sort of folks will. Of course, a big part of me is hoping that I'm wrong about how messed up things are.

For now, I'm enjoying the weekend with my the house, eating well, and getting enough sleep. My hat tip to her because I really enjoy her company, and I'm really happy just lounging around with her, laughing with her, and snuggling! Without her around, I'd just sit and drool, and feeling really lost!

More later!

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