Sunday, October 07, 2007

About this day job

As some of you may already know, I'm not in love with my day job right now, far from it, in fact. There is a lot of favoritism, bad rumors flying around about the security of our jobs as contractors for this particular company, and it just sort of all came to this point where I just had to say something to my company's local manager, who works just a few floors above me.

I sent her an e-mail in which I told her that I think that my days at this job are numbered... and that coming to work is starting to feel downright bad. My manager then summoned me upstairs so we could talk about it. I wasn't really afraid of anything at that point... she could have told me to suck it up or just quit, and I wouldn't really have cared. I probably could go back to active duty assignments with the army, and there are people who will help me get on orders. Or, I could always get another contractor job... although a less desirable option... having just gone through one.

To my surprise, my manger agreed with my points of view and even told me that she is thinking about leaving the company herself by the end of this year because of the lack of support from the headquarters of our company. I was sort of surprised but not overtly. I think out of the 6 of us contractors from our company, at best, there are two people who could say that they're somewhat happy, but if they have the option, they will get to somewhere else.

I think this thing called career is a very illusive one. I've never done the same thing for any of my jobs. I was a supply clerk in the army, then I became a linguist, and now I'm an intelligence analyst (just not fully trained). Who really knows what I'll do next? I'd like to think that I'm trying to be well rounded and flexible... but maybe I'm just being not very grounded and flip-flopping from one thing to another.

Oh well, at least for now, the bills are getting paid.

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